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Welcome to Planet Pollen. If this is your first time visiting, I hope you're ready for a ride. Take your time and settle in. We roll a little different than most.

By way of Fall River, Ma., our krew focuses on bringing you the best exotic cannabis and the best music to go with it. Consisting of multiple individual talents, we collaborated and released "The Last Hustle F1" during the Summer of 2018.

Fueled by Krunkz Kreationz, this was our first smoketape. A front to back session to toke along with and vibe to. Hitting on many different styles, along with some surprise features, F1 is is highly capable of helping you enjoy your flight.

Buckle your seat belt. Whether you're rolling up, taking hits from the bong, catching a plane or getting your medicated snack on, we appreciate you flying with us. F1 was made to go perfect with this high. Everything is better when you're high. Being high is better when you sprinkle some #Pollen on it.

#Pollenate #TheLastHustle

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Smoke One With Ya (Feat. Britizen Kane)

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